Monday, November 5, 2012

Jewelry Resin in an Unusual Bezel

 This new copper bezel features my favorite painting; The Coronation by David.
 The bezel is handcrafted and it would be hard to just "eyeball" cutting out my images. I photocopied the bezel so that I could cut out a one time template.
 The half hearts in paper helped me to then cut out my scene from The Coronation.
 I think my bezel looks amazing!  After sealing the paper and adding some glitter glue I poured in Jewelry Resin to encase my image.  I also added a crystal to the centre and that was glued in place with Jewelry Resin as well.
Patricia Healey created the bezel.


  1. Your bezel looks great!

    You always find so many great prints to place in your bezels - such as this one, Coronation by David and I particularly love the one used in the Bezel Wire & Resin Series. I do not know the exact name of the the painting, but I believe it has to do with God reaching for man.

    Can you recommend a good place to find such pictures small enough for bezels?

  2. My favorite place is:

    Their books allow me to make my images as small as I want them.

  3. What a great tip for making sure you cut your image to the right shape. Thanks Carmi!

    P.S. I left a comment/question on this post and was wondering what your thoughts are.


  4. Wow, that looks incredible. What a fantastic tip for making a template too. Thank you!


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