Monday, October 15, 2012

Lucky Coins Become Lucky Resin Filled Bezels

 Friends, this project turned out even better than planned!
 These are the vintage lucky coins I found at the antique market.  I knew they had just enough space on the back side to work in.
 Here is what I used.
1.  Paint.
2.  Glitter glue.
3. Broken jewelry.
4. Paper image sealed.

Most important:  when the glue and paint was dried I poured in Envirotex Lite.

 The coins are large.  One would fit on my wrist.
Now to decide if this is a necklace....these would be fabulous card and paper project embellishments too!


  1. Awesome - I am always trying out/looking for things that would hold resin! Now I'll have to look for something silimar to the coins!

  2. Absolutely beautiful. I love that you show how practically anything can get the magic treatment of resin :)

  3. How did you seal the paper image behind the Envirotex?

  4. I use a decoupage medium to seal. Down the side of the blog are labels and there are posts called "sealing paper".


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